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  starve plenty satisfy feast hunt

  origin trick independence gather harvest

  agricultural custom admire energetic shape

  religious social permission possibility grateful

  apologize sadness obvious forgive decorate

  award ancestor festival beauty celebrate

  ancient light honor belief spirit

  Christian weep wipe event sweets

  poet drown heart-broken


  take place in memory of play a trick on

  look forward to as though have fun with sb.

  turn up keep one’s word hold one’s breath

  do harm to dress up day and night

  set off throw away


  1. Festivals and celebrations of all kinds have been held everywhere since ancient


  2. Some festivals are held to honor the dead or to satisfy the ancestors, who might return either to help or do harm.

  3. It’s now a children’s festival, when they can dress up and …….

  4. ….. to honor Mohandas Gandhi, the leader who helped gain India’s dependence from Britain.

  5. China and Japan have mid-autumn festivals, when people admire the moon and …..

  6. Some western countries have very exciting festivals, which take place forty days before Easter.

  7. The country, covered with cherry tree flowers, looks forward to the end of winter and to the coming of spring.

  8. She could be with her friend right now laughing at him.

  9. It’s obvious that the manager of the coffee shop was waiting …..